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Welcome to the website of The Antique Pipe Co. A site dedicated to the interests and requirements of the discerning antique smoking pipe collector. We specialise in quality antique Meerschaum smoking pipes with an emphasis on antique Meerschaum cheroot holders with uncommon motifs.

Our interests also include hand painted antique German porcelain pipe bowls, antique Chinese Opium pipes, antique Japanese pipes and pipe sets, quality carved antique Treen pipes, and smoking related antique rarities.

A recent survey of our pricing policy has established that the majority of our customers would like to see a fixed price format, where we offer items as competively as possible
Our prices therefore have been adjusted, and are now fixed and non negotible. All prices include postage worldwide

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The Antique Pipe Co Recommends

Collecting antique pipes is a way of acquiring miniature works of art at reasonable cost, be they in the form of carvings in various mediums, or fine paintings on German porcelain smoking pipe bowls.

The following books by author and antique pipe aficionado Benjamin Rapaport are great points of reference for both new and established collectors:

A Complete Guide to Collecting Antique Pipes
(published 1979, reprinted 1998)

Museum of Tobacco History Art & History Guide Book
(published 1996)

Collecting Antique Meerschaum Pipes:
Miniatures to Majestic Sculpture 1850 - 1925
(published 1999)

The Arts of an Addiction: Qing Dynasty Opium Pipes and Accessories
(published 2005)